I have a number of ongoing projects that you can investigate, buy, use or contribute to :) These are labors of love and engineering - some of them are free and some are not. Some of them serve a purpose and some do not!



2011/01/26 Electrunique is a unique electronics boutique. We’re building the spiritual successor to the Datahand keyboard and other oddities.

Source of Truth

2017/07/24 This is a github bot for tracking todos and technical debt in source code.

After installing the bot (one-click), it finds these todos in your source code on every push, opening and maintaining a ticket for each unique todo. When that todo is no longer found in your source code the bot closes the ticket for you.

For the time being this service is free as in beer.


2003/??/?? I offer contracting services. I’ve been programming since 2003 and primarily enjoy writing in Haskell and Rust. I’m also proficient in C, C++, Objective C, Javascript, Java and AS3. I can read Lisp and Scala.

I have a day job at Formation, Inc. :), so my services are limited to after hours.

Contact me!


px language

2017/??/?? px is a typed lambda calculus for graphics, sound, web, whatever!

I aim to make the language extensible with domain specific parsers, primitives and code generators. The goal is to make px be the main ingredient in a bunch of little functional languages that help you get X done well.

I am actively looking for contributors and maintainers who are interested in helping.


2013/04/29 A file watcher and development tool, similar to Ruby’s Guard.

The main idea is that you have steeloverseer watch your files and then execute a series of shell commands in response. The first command to fail short circuits the series. The watched files can be selected using regular expressions and the commands may include capture groups.


2015/05/05 Continuously varying values, made easy :)

An FRP implementation like netwire, but simpler.